The dominant view of our world today is fundamentally mechanistic, rational, and objective. Eminent authorities in modern science, psychology, philosophy, and religion now agree that while this view of the world is perhaps useful in our dealings with everyday life and extremely successful as a basis for our technology, it is a view predicated by our fear of and separation from nature.

There is a collective fear of death, and many centuries of cultural conditioning that not only undermines our ability to fully experience life, but also locks us into a destructive pattern of behavior. As Margaret Mead said, "We need a religious system with science at its very core, in which the traditional opposition between science and religion… can again be resolved, but in terms of the future instead of the past… Such a synthesis… would use the recognition that when man permitted himself to become alienated from part of himself, elevating rationality and often narrow purpose above those ancient intuitive properties of the mind that bind him to his biological past, he was in effect cutting himself off from the rest of the natural world."

Today's revolutionary findings in modern science now affirm the conclusions already reached by eastern mystics and ancient philosophers from centuries ago. For the first time in our history, the Eastern and Western Hemispheres of the world brain have come together. As David Darling wrote in Zen Physics, "Human beings have reached what may be a pivotal stage in their evolution. They have been created by the universe, as an integral part of the universe. They have passed through a difficult period when their strong day-to-day experience of selfhood and their cultural conditioning have made them feel detached from the reality in which they are permanently embedded. And now they are beginning to see beyond the self again into the truth of their condition."

A paradigm shift of our world view is indeed inevitable. And although the principles of this new world view seem revolutionary, we are simply re-directing our attention to the natural order of the universe--the truth of the human condition. The intent of this Web site is to stimulate and motivate the new patterns of thought necessary to bring about this change.

Questions and stories have always formed the yin and the yang of learning that fully embraces our deepest desire--an expanding awareness. Left and right brain are stimulated at the same time through stories, and our questions put words into a context of mystery, pointing beyond the map of their symbolic representation. To best convey this valuable message, a consensus of agreement between modern science, depth psychology, and the liberative philosophy of eastern religion have been incorporated into a series of profound questions and answers, with integrated links throughout the text relating to insights from The Matrix movie trilogy.

It is recommended to the reader that the question and answer text be completed once without The Matrix links and then again with the links. These links can be found throughout the "New Paradigm Conclusions" and the "Treatise to the New Paradigm Conclusions."